Give me your sadness. I will take it, as much as you need. If it kills us both, so be it. I am here.

2014-10-10 07.28.12

Being introduced to the children for the first time this morning, sitting beside mum

2014-10-10 09.36.28

Cuddles from my grandad when he came to pick my brother up

2014-10-10 10.09.26

Being a good boy at the council place while I answered questions

2014-10-10 10.28.53

Riding back home in my arms

2014-10-10 11.00.512014-10-10 11.12.18

Being a good boy and playing with his own toys while I made was on the computer

2014-10-10 14.56.042014-10-10 14.57.32

Getting used to the harness

2014-10-10 15.02.10

Looking for clues after I made cakes (it wasn’t exactly a murder, but maybe he wants to be a sniffer dog?)

2014-10-10 15.11.13

Being introduced to the hamster (neither animals were at all bothered)

2014-10-10 15.24.232014-10-10 15.25.11

Snuggles on the sofa and watching Father Ted (Irish comedy that is hilarious)

2014-10-10 15.25.362014-10-10 15.31.49

Falling asleep in my arms (again.. aw)

2014-10-10 16.31.312014-10-10 16.32.38

Trying to figure out the sliding door at my grandma’s house (this was adorably cute to watch but kind of teasing so we moved)

2014-10-10 16.38.18

Exploring my grandma’s where I let him, also understanding the reason and use of the lead (which he wasn’t keen on, obviously)

2014-10-10 16.45.10

Settling down at my grandma’s

2014-10-10 16.45.34

Being adorable in close-up photos

2014-10-10 17.05.11

And, finally, falling asleep at my grandma’s

2014-10-10 17.58.59

Also ‘helping’ me cook dinner – falling asleep at my feet while I cooked, that is (very helpful)

So… today’s been eventful, a day of new experiences – both for me and him! We met lots of new people, and he wasn’t bothered about car rides or, well, anything really. The children scare him a bit, but who isn’t scared of little children. He was kind of doing okay in toilet training, but then he doesn’t do okay, and the same with biting. He seems to get mouthy at night time; my hand is in the process of attempting to be chewn off again, for the second night in a row. Hopefully we’ll address this soon and get it corrected. We’re already setting down ground rules. He needs a LOT more toys, though. Maybe that’s the problem. I’ll get him some more ASAP, but not too many. Hopefully that’ll help. Eating is good, at least – kind of for both of us (thanks, Toby). He’s still gorgeous, even though his teeth are VERY sharp. We’re both learning.


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