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While Charlie’s not working, some dogs still are!

I’m really trying to get back into writing, and this blog is going to be used for documenting training and adventures with my new dog Charlie! We’ve had a few outings already since meeting in March, but aside from summarising them briefly in pictures, I probably will start actual posts from now. So! Today it was still very humid, despite the sun not being out as from other days, and so I decided we’d just have a nice off day. I picked Charlie up and we headed down the hill in a brisk pace set by him! We went and collected Norbi from Jazz (a dog I’ve walked and trained for her for years) and Charlie got lots of fuss from her, and her daughter and boyfriend too! Soon the three of us set off on a nice walk around Water Lane and I took a couple of pretty good pictures of the two dogs sitting side by side. We went the whole way around and back to Norbi’s to drop him off with a chat with Jazz about animals and fur shedding in the winter – my cat is the point of this at the moment, with her fur coming off in balls when you stroke her! Saying goodbye to Jazz and Norbi, me and Charlie headed back through the park, in which there was no one else, so Charlie got to roam at the end of his long lead in peace. We left the park and headed up the next hill (there’s a lot of hills here!), and when a bus stopped for people to get off, I saw a black lab with its owner holding their harness, accompanied by a Guide Dogs person in a official t-shirt! It was lovely to see a guideĀ dog training with its new owner, and I walked past carefully, keeping Charlie on a tight reign – though he made no move against the other dog anyway but just in case – as the new owner put the red & white harness on the black lab, as instructed by the instructor. A guide and hearing dog! It made me smile as Charlie and I walked the rest of the way back home and we’re now just chilling out in the lounge, relaxing on the sofa (my rule is dogs are allowed on the sofas since comfort as both a task and general thing includes cuddling on the sofa, and so on). Charlie has almost finally settled down a bit after over half an hour!

2016-06-09 10.25.11

Charlie & Norbi