Give me your sadness. I will take it, as much as you need. If it kills us both, so be it. I am here.

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Journey Update

Now I am close(r) to moving and getting my own dog to train, I have been contacting organisations that could help – since I AM planning to owner-train my assistance dog, but would like to have ‘backing’, as I put it, from an organisation for things like advice, training help, constructive criticism, and other things that would ensure quality of training and working. I have had mostly quite positive responses from a few of the organisations and have said that I will contact them again when I am closer to getting my dog.

Something I haven’t been thinking too much about (partly because I’m trying not to get too hopeful about things) is that I will be moving and that includes moving away from Flo, who I’ll be leaving here with my mum because of several reasons, and Charlie and Tina, and Norbi. Of course I’ll be back quite a lot I imagine, so it’s not like I’m leaving forever, but with Charlie and Flo especially, they have helped me so much to even survive to get to here, and I literally owe them my life. But like I said, I will be back, but it will be weird to not see Flo every day, not take Charlie for a run in the fields.

But one thing at a time. Let’s hope this works out, because despite trying not to, I already have way too much hope for this. But like mum AND my recovery co-ordinator put it, maybe I’ve had enough shit in my life and I’m finally getting what I deserve. We’ll see.