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a little good news

A little good news, I’m hoping to move into supported housing within this year (because of my physical and mental conditions), and have my assistance dog with me of course; today in my appointment I met with the Accommodation Officer who asked me several things about living, and also about the dog. She noted about ‘registered dogs’, to which I gently explained about ADUK as well as other charities, and owner-training (in my case, I am OT with the backing/help of an charity organisation, just to ensure the height of working and for constructive feedback, ideally), and she listened attentively as I explained The Disability Act 2010 and the definition of an ‘assistance dog’, and she was very nice and interested, and for reference I suggested the assistancedoglaw website created by (mainly?) owner-trainers, and she was really great about it all.
I am aware that this is ‘the first port of call’ so to speak, and I may have to do this again perhaps more forcefully as things go on, but this was really quite positive, as is my general journey to move out with lots of support and train my assistance dog, while doing a degree at a very helpful Uni also with lots of support – yet to talk about concerning the dog, but all in due time, as they say. 🙂